Partially Complete Layouts


Love building structures but HATE wiring and bench work?

Not confident in your scenery abilities?

Need to meet a specific budget?



Consider having me build a partially complete layout for you.


Partial builds are extremely popular with my customers because the level of completion can be tailor made to their interests and budget.  Popular options include:

  • Bench work and sub-roadbed only
  • Mechanically complete, “turn key”, layouts with no scenery or structures
  • Sceniced layouts with no structures


The customer in the above photo wanted a mechanically complete, fully operational, layout with no scenery.



For many modelers, building structures is their favorite part of the hobby.  One of the more popular options is a  mechanically complete, fully sceniced layout where I leave the structures off so the customer can build them himself.  The railroad in the photo above is a 1950’s Southern Pacific theme.  The white and gray blank areas are pads where the customer will add his own structures.  This option is less expensive than a fully complete layout.