Photo Gallery

1950's Shenandoah Valley (24' x 11' HO Scale)

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WW 2 Era Brooklyn Switching Layout (8' x 8' N Scale)

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Northeast Corridor (40' x 10' HO Scale)

N.C. & St. L. (1940's N scale, 20' x 20')

More details on the NC & StL layout can be found HERE.

Samples of My Scenery

1950's Monon (20' x 20' N scale)

Southern Pacific (1950's, N scale, Scenery but no structures)

Modern Era CSX (20' x 20' HO Scale)

Santa Fe Los Angeles Theme (HO Scale)

Rust Belt (32' x 11' HO Scale)

Modern Era BNSF (34' x 15' HO Scale)

Double Deck Layout With Helix